About Us

From the back alley to the bright lights of stardom,
the Expert of hand-shaken Pearl Milk Tea.

From being a supplier of bubble tea, brunch, raw food materials and ingredients to restaurants to becoming a hand-shaken beverage brand eyeing the world market; from simple retail buying and selling to the provision of one-stop-shop integrated and diversified services; from running a local outlet to the brand strategic planning for globalization, all the way on, we have witnessed the development of Pearl Milk Tea in Taiwan.

Core Brand

“Details must be simple and simple details must be repeated”, this is professionalism
In 2003, the first retail store was opened in Kaohsiung. The rich experience gathered in the food industry circles and the first-hand data on the development of raw materials allowed CHA NUNG to create a series of No.1 for its beverages. CHA NUNG became the first brand to use agar-agar and basil seeds in hand-shaken drinks and it also launched many unique drinks that have dominated the industry trend, such as the Aiyu Gourd Drink with Agar, the Kumquat Gourd Drink with Basil Seeds and others. From the back alley to the bright lights of stardom, the hand-shaken drinks are promoted to the international stage.